Weekly Wednesday 2/3/2016

Hello! And welcome back. Since our last post, we said we will start having weekly wednesday posts to keep you up to date! Last week, we were working on the drive-train, along with its programming, as well as the Standard and more. You can read more about that information in the last weekly post found here.


This week in the shop, our metal and wood shop team is working on mounting the wheels and wrapping up the chassis and adding a few touches, such as mounting brackets for electrical panels and the catapult. The panels are being cut and placed onto the chassis and are made of lexan, a very strong plastic made for cockpits and bulletproof exteriors.

Marketing is working on a photo gallery. It is a work in progress, you can find it here. In programming, they are done with the drive-train, and have started an Autonomous program. As well as a Catapult code, Speed control, and some updates to the existing code.

We are also introducing a new organization tool to implement in our team and increase productivity. It is a tool called Trello. Trello is an organization tool that utilizes boards and walls to give people tasks to provide different parts of the team. You can think of it like folders and child folders, or branches on a tree. Where the tree trunk is the main team and the branches are the different parts of the team.