Weekly Wednesday 2/10/2016

Hello, and welcome back to the Weekly Wednesday! This week, we are preparing for the Scrimmage event in 14 days. We will debrief everything that has happened since last Wednesday right here! Today’s update post should include a lot of information for you.



Starting out with programming, Vision work for Autonomous is complete and needs to be tested. Multifunction for robot drive, which makes it faster to complete complex robot tasks. We are hoping to have nice and clean code by the event.


Design has made great progress on the blueprints for the robot, they are about 75% complete. The design team is short on numbers so they plan to be done by the end of the week. Let’s hope that they’ll be able to make it!



The Lexan™ panels are on the chassis and have various electrical components and wires running over them. The drivetrain encoders are wired and mounted, the pneumatic board will be plugged in soon and then the robot will be able to drive. After the robot’s arm and catapult are complete and mounted, the wiring for them will be added.


Marketing. Some new  marketing members are learning how to scout teams for when we go to the mini-regional event and then on to the WI regional competition. We also have a few team members on marketing dedicated to scouting websites, to seek out information about our competition and potential teammates. If another team is scouting and reading this, “hello there” our e-mail address is team3596@gmail.com and we’ll see you at the event!


Goals for end of the week. Our team would like to make sure the robot mechanically, electrically, and pneumatically systems are done. In addition, we would like teleop functionally complete. The team is hoping to have the catapult mounted and ready to go a couple days in advance from the event.