Stronghold Game Reveal

It's been a while, and the announcement of the 2016 Robotics competition has arrived. After watching the reveal at Waukesha Technical College, with a couple other teams that were in our area. This new competition has proved to be quite different from last year, with a variety of things that make it more exciting than the last. The team is now looking towards completing a mock field using information given by the FIRST Robotics website, found in the handbook. Additionally, we're deciding what type of robot we're going to develop. Things a team should consider when deciding what type of robot is if they wish to be on the offensive or defensive, as this competition gives plenty each side to be doing. An offensive robot should aim towards being able to reliably hit goals into the enemy's castle, whilst a defensive robot should be able to keep the enemy robots from breaking through barriers. An offensive robot needs to be able to maneuver at least one of the few types of barriers while a defensive robot, while it still could use the ability to, doesn't have to be built around that premise. These are just a few things a team should consider when building their robot.

If you would like you view the reveal, you may head over to this link.


We hope to keep you as updated as possible this year with things our team is working on, so stay tuned!