Sponsors are critical to our team's existence and support. We value our sponsors assistance so that we can further enhance our learning of STEM and other skills that provide knowledge for us in our future. We can't thank our sponsors enough for their support!

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South Milwaukee High School

South Milwaukee High School supports our team by providing a room for our equipment, usage of their wood and metal shops, and support from teachers that are part of team.




Caterpillar, Inc.

Caterpillar, Inc. is our largest sponsor that provides financial support for the build of the robot and the fees for us to compete at the regionals.

 Caterpillar Global Mining

Caterpillar Global Mining, based in Oak Creek and South Milwaukee, WI, is our local CAT sponsor that provides mentors to support the students.



Eaton Corporation

Eaton Corporation has supplied us with funds to help with projects.



Mitchell Field Rotary Club

Mitchell Field Rotary Club has supplied us with funds to help with projects.





Dassault Systems provides licenses of their SolidWorks 3D CAD modeling software suite that our Design team uses to model the robot.




Styled Aesthetic

Styled Aesthetic provide Team 3596 with our team shirts, as shirt discounts.


Alliance Manufacturing Group

has provided us with funds to help with our projects.



We are always open to adding new sponsors to our team. Sponsoring our team can be done by financial support, mentor support, material supply, and even supplying food for our meetings. Please contact us if you have any ideas to support our team.

Also to find out what do you get from sponsoring, click below for the sponsorship chart.

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