About Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the team that puts every bolt, nut, and rivet into the robot. Following perimeters and codes similar to in a real machine shop. The team follows all build specifications of the design team's parts. and applies that knowledge from the print out blueprint. Then they turn that idea of a side bracket or hopper into a real physical item for assembly.

What We Do

Manufacturing is sometimes called the grunts of the team but really we are the backbone. If manufacturing fails to do the job we were assigned there wouldn't even be a bot to compete with. Manufacturing consists of using wood-shop and metal-shop tools to create and disassemble anything made from lexan to things made of metals. The manufacturing team is expected to make prototypes from the field obstacles of the competition to test the robots capabilities and disadvantages to better our chances at the actual match. Just like every other sub-team in our Rocket Robotics, manufacturing is an essential part of our success.



Austin - Shop Manager

Sam - Manufacturing

Riley - Manufacturing

Ben - Manufacturing

Caleb - Manufacturing