2015 Recycle Rush™


FIRST Recycle Rush™ is  Rocket Robotics' fifth competition. The game premises was collecting totes and recycling bins and stacking them in zones to earn points. The game has two concepts, stacking totes, and collecting "litter".

"The game begins with a 15-second period where robots must act on their own according to instructions from programming. However, the strategy has most often seen at regional events and the championship was often to grab the recycling bins located on the step in the middle of the field to "cap" the stacks during the teleoperated period. Immediately after the autonomous round, drivers operate the robots via control stations at the ends of the field. During this time, they aim to use the robots to put "litter", represented by green pool noodles, in a Landfill Zone." - FIRST Robotics Competition After Season Blog.



Wisconsin Regional

38th out of 60 teams