Our Story

The team's original founders were Adam Coursin and Jason Huber. Adam worked at Bucyrus (currently Caterpillar), while Jason was apart of the South Milwaukee High School Tech Ed department. Rocket Robotics also had an alternate lead by the name of Brian Niggemann, who also worked at Bucyrus. The team’s first competition was Logomotion, in 2011. That year, the team had won the Rookie All-Star award, but, unfortunately, Rocket Robotics only placed 58th out of 60.  The team had then went on to the Championships. After that year,  Jason Huber left the High School. To take the place of Jason, Tadd Rapant took over as the team's new school representative. In our 2nd year, 2012, the team competed in the Rebound Rumble competition. Rocket Robotics placed 42nd out of 49 that year. In that same year, Caterpillar bought out Bucyrus, which led to Adam Coursin leaving the company, and also Rocket Robotics. Now Brian leads the team as Lead Mentor.

Our Startup

Rocket Robotics has been in the FIRST community since 2010. Our team has been competing in the Wisconsin region ever since. However, as you know, there is more to it than simply appearing on the list of teams.