Those mentioned below are the current mentors of the Rocket Robotics team. They are the people who lead the education of those in the program. Each team has respective mentors that teach in specific fields, which correspond to the team's purpose.

These are the people who help make Rocket Robotics possible!

We would like to thank our previous mentors. They are awesome and will always be a part of Rocket Robotics!

Lead Mentors

Nathan Colgrove

Electrical Engineer at Caterpillar Inc

Nick Kowalczyk

Mechanical Engineer at EATON Co.



Tyler Elkins

Electrical Systems Engineer at Sanitaire

Richard Kuethe

West Allis DPW

Matthew Major

 FRC Team 3596 and SMHS Alumni
Studying at MSOE for Mechanical Engineering

David Gensemer

SMHS Alumni
Enlisting in the US Air Force

Spencer Czarnezki

 FRC Team 3596 and SMHS Alumni
Studying at UW-Milwaukee for Computer Engineering

Faculty Advisor


Nancy Zawacki


Past Legacy Mentors

 We appreciate all the guidance, understanding, and teaching that you have done with our team. You are the reason our team has progressed thru the years with your hard work and dedication.


Brian Niggemann

Megan Niggemann

Shawn Kozey

Adam Coursin

Diane Spear-Sanicola

Tim Keyser

Tad Rampant

Jeff Labre

 Matt Ludmer

Kyle Lowery